Japan town blocks Instagram-worthy view of Mount Fuji — but why?

Japanese locals take matters into own hands to counter major issue faced by country

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May 21, 2024
Japan town blocks Instagram-worthy view of Mount Fuji — but why?
Japanese officials obstruct view of Mount Fuji to deter badly behaving tourists. — AFP/File

Japanese workers on Tuesday began mounting a large mesh barrier across the road that provides the Instagram-famous view of Mount Fuji in the town of Fujikawaguchiko.

This move was announced by officials last month to deter badly behaved tourists who were often seen littering, trespassing and breaking traffic rules.

Poles have been put up since last month in preparation for a screen measuring 2.5 by 20 metres to block the sight of Japan's highest mountain emerging from behind a convenience store.

Workers put the finishing touches to the metal poles on Tuesday in preparation for attaching the barrier at the photo spot in Fujikawaguchiko town, AFP reported.

The construction was initially delayed, giving tourists a few more days to snap the perfect shot.

Locals in Japanese town express regret over blocking Mount Fuji's view due to disrespectful tourists. — AFP/File

While local officials and residents have said that the town welcomes visitors, they complain that those who cross the street non-stop, ignore red lights, park illegally and smoke outside of designated areas have proved a nuisance.

"It's regrettable we have to do this, because of some tourists who can't respect rules," a town official told AFP last month.

He also revealed that the situation failed to improve despite traffic signs and warnings from security guards.