'House of the Dragon' star takes extreme measure amid backlash

A main character of 'House of the Dragon' is facing severe social media harassment since season 2 release

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June 25, 2024
Photo:'House of the Dragon' star takes extreme measure amid backlash

Fabien Frankel is reportedly facing backlash for playing the character of Sir Criston Cole in House of the Dragon, the prequel of Game of Thrones.

As fans will know, the new couple of the HBO Max fantasy series, Sir Criston Cole and Alicent Hightower, played by Olivia Cooke, have witnessed rave comments since the release of season 2.

As per the latest findings of well-placed sources, Franken has fallen victim to severe social media harassment for his character.

This backlash is reportedly affecting his mental peace and therefore he has limited comments on his social media handles.

After his action, many fans extended his support to the actor with one saying, “It’s a shame that there is mass psychosis that prevents people from realizing that if they really dislike an unlikeable character it’s because the actor is doing a good job pretending to be unlikeable.”

“People are not okay!!! This continues to be a problem where you guys can’t differentiate between characters and actors they play. What’s not clicking for you all?!?! Do you not have friends in real life?!” another netizen penned as he condemned the pointless hatred towards the actor along with his character.