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Tuesday Feb 16, 2016
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British High Commissioner designate for Pakistan hosts journalists in London

Web Desk
British High Commissioner designate for Pakistan hosts journalists in London

LONDON: The United Kingdom’s High Commissioner designate for Pakistan Thomas Drew, who is due to arrive in Islamabad later this week, spoke with Pakistani journalists in London on Tuesday. He said Pakistan is very important for England and will always remain so.

Speaking to journalists at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Drew spoke in Urdu and shared what can be achieved during his 3-year tenure as High Commissioner. He said that his relationship with Pakistan spans over a decade, when he first came to Pakistan as a political councilor at the High Commission.

Expressing his emotions, he said returning to Pakistan has energized him as he looks forward to meeting old friends and most importantly that he will be engaged in work that will be mutually beneficial for both Pakistan and Britain.

Drew said there at nearly 1.5 million Pakistani’s living in the UK. He told journalists that these Pakistanis see England as their home and that he experienced this first hand when he met with the Pakistani community in Bradford, describing the likening the relationship with British-Pakistanis to that of a family.

He stressed the Pakistan is very important for Britain and will always remain important. He said he feels that the United Kingdom is equally important in the eyes of Pakistan.

He said Pakistan has a lot of potential and his important task will be to help Pakistan realize its potential to the fullest. Drew added that British businesses should play a part in Pakistan’s progress adding that there are long term opportunities in Pakistan.

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