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Friday Mar 04, 2016

Wall chalking in support of Kamal appears in Karachi

Wall chalking in support of Kamal appears in Karachi

KARACHI: Slogans in support of former mayor Mustafa Kamal have begun appearing on some walls of the city, hours after he conducted a press conference alleging that his former party MQM had links to Indian spy agency RAW.

Meanwhile security has tightened around former MQM leaders: Mustafa Kamal and Anees Qaim Khani’s houses.  At Kamal’s house in DHA, barbed wires have been erected and CCTV cameras installed.

At least five police officers have been assigned guard duties by the government at Qaimkhani’s house in Hali, Hyderabad

Though no incidents of violence were reported in the city after the press conference, police and Rangers have been asked to stay vigilant and patrol sensitive areas.

Law enforcing agencies have requested citizens to keep their identity cards with them.

In a fiery tell-all press conference upon his return to Karachi, former city nazim Mustafa Kamal announced a new party in a direct challenge to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Thursday.

Flanked by former fellow MQM leader Qaimkhani, this was the first media appearance by the two leaders after a prolonged absence from local political scene and rifts with the leadership of their former party.

Kamal accused Altaf Hussain of insulting party workers several times in public meetings, especially once in May 2013 when he changed the party set up overnight.

He recalled that during his time in the MQM, the party's Rabita Committee would continuously be degraded and insulted by Altaf Hussain within weeks and months, but recently the situation had worsened so much that the Rabita Committee would now be insulted every few minutes.

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