Saturday Aug 27, 2016

Smartphones for Punjab farmers

LAHORE:  Farmers living in Punjab will now be able to incorporate the latest technology for their farming.

According to the latest reports, around five million farmers in the Punjab area will be given smartphones at a very low price so that they can use them in their farming process. Through these smartphones, the farmers will be able to get the latest updates on different farming techniques which will help them to produce better output.

Also, with the smartphone available to them, the farmers will be able to get weather updates, information about crop diseases and its solutions as well as information about every other type of farming.

The main advantage to the farmers, however, will be the availability of funds which will be transferred to them through mobile technology.

Chairman of Punjab Information Technology, Umar Saif said “Mobile money will be transferred to their smartphone where the farmers will be able to directly avail that money by withdrawing it through any mobile agent.”  He added, “Through this method, we are eliminating any chances of corruption.”

This move for smartphones has been passed keeping in mind small farmers who are poor and illiterate.