Thursday Dec 29, 2016
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Islamic centre in Netherlands torched in alleged arsonist attack

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A building in Netherlands caught fire, late Wednesday night, which kept firefighters engaged for several hours.

Police reports indicate that fire spread over the entire building, which was “formerly a public swimming pool,” according to British news website – had been bought by the Association of Islamic Communities in Culemborg to turn into a religious and prayers centre.

Local security authorities also mentioned that the blaze seems to be an alleged attack by an arsonist.

Fire spread to two neighbouring buildings as well, which were stocked with heat-resistant mineral asbestos.

Although it is not clear if the building served entirely as Islamic centre- but it did have a prayer room on the backside. It was not clear whether there was anyone inside the room when the building was torched.

No arrests have been made yet, nor any injuries reported.

Earlier this month, a man burst into a Muslim prayer hall in the Swiss city of Zurich and started shooting, wounding at least three men.