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Friday Feb 27, 2015

Tajikistan to help Pakistan overcome energy crisis through KASA 1000 project

Tajikistan to help Pakistan overcome energy crisis through KASA 1000 project
ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Tajikistan Sher Ali Jononov on Friday said that his country was preparing to export sizeable quantity of electricity to Pakistan to lessen the intensity of the energy crisis which has compromised economic growth.

The KASA 1000 project is among the major electricity transfer projects in the region, based on which 1,300 megawatts of electricity from Kazakhstan and Tajikistan is expected to be transferred to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He said that Tajikistan wished to enhance bilateral trade with Pakistan and invited the business community to visit his country to explore investment opportunities and organise trade exhibitions.

He added that the energy sector of Tajikistan had been showing sustainable growth for the last 15 years transforming the country into the world’s third largest producer of hydroelectric power after the US and Russia.

Jononov went on to say that hydroelectric generation accounted for 76 percent of the total energy output of the country and the total cost of the project which would lighten Pakistan through Tajik electricity will be financed by the World Bank, ADB, Islamic Development Bank and other donors.

He also said that this project would not only alleviate electricity shortages in Pakistan but would also replace fuel based electricity generation for Afghanistan and Pakistan, adding that it would also establish Afghanistan as a viable transit country and offer transmission capacity for other countries during the off peak season.

He further said that it would also create a viable governance mechanism to build confidence among neighbours as major share of the export will be used by Pakistan and approximately 300 MW will be utilised by Afghanistan.

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