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Thursday May 18 2017

Pakistani commits suicide a day after asylum request in Germany rejected

BERLIN: The Federal Office of immigrants had rejected the asylum request of Faisal I. on March 29 who on very next day jumped from the roof of ‘Sea Side Park Hotel’ building in Leipzig, the Saxony interior ministry told the state parliament. 

According to the information provided by the Interior Ministry Saxony in a letter, Faisal had got registered in Germany on 15 Sep 2015 and had submitted an application for political asylum after two weeks. He was living in Leipzig since November 6 last year.

The letter further says that Faisal was under observation as per doctor’s recommendation for a certain condition, and was discharged from the hospital on March 29.

On the same date, the federal office of refugees and migration had decided against his asylum application; however, it is not confirmed if Faisal was aware his request had been rejected.

MPA Julianne Nagel on interior ministry’s reply said; ‘We want to know more, once the doctors have advised monitoring of patient how come Faisal I. reached to the rooftop of the hotel building.’ Nagel will raise further queries In state parliament in order to get detailed information. According to her, some of the questions she will ask include “if Faisal had received notification of the negative decision regarding his asylum application, and what measures police and rescue team had taken to protect Faisal I. at the location of suicide act”.

Who was Faisal I.?

Faisal hailed from Sheikhupura and worked there as an area manager at a pharmaceutical company. While living in Pakistan he had neither any mental illness nor financial issues. In 2015, Faisal paid approximately Rs1.5 million for visa for Italy via a travel agent. It seems that Faisal had planned to enter in Europe via Italy, and then travel towards Germany to seek asylum.

Faisal was the youngest of four brothers.

His elder brother Tariq recalls how he got a call from Faisal 10 minutes before he jumped off the roof. Tariq said he couldn’t believe his younger brother would take his own life. He recalls words of Faisal “everything is fine and I will call you back once I reach in my new apartment”. Tariq said he only informed his ailing mother about Faisal’s death only a day before the arrival of the body.

A week before his death Faisal sent a WhatsApp voice message to Tariq that “he will share the good news in one week.” But I didn’t know it is going to be the news of his death, said Tariq.

The grieving brother also said that Faisal was probably suffering from stress or some mental illness while living alone in Germany. “But whenever I spoke with Faisal he used to say one thing that ‘situation is getting better and Allah will improve it in future too.’ A week before his death Faisal sent a WhatsApp voice message to Tariq that “he will share the good news in one week.” I did not know it is going to be the news of his death, said Tariq.

With the cooperation of Pakistan Embassy in Berlin Faisal’s body has been sent to the family.

Rising suicide attempts by refugees living in Germany

According to official figures by the West Deutsche Rundfunk, a German broadcasting institution, in March, 433 refugees in Germany have attempted suicide from 2014 to 2016, out of which 19 people have lost their lives. The numbers can be higher because only a few federal states collect statistics on suicides or suicide attempts. The reported numbers are mostly based on individual case studies or an evaluation of police statistics.

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