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Saturday Sep 16 2017

Acid attacker remains at large month after incident in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: A young man who attacked his neighbour with acid in the provincial capital remains at large, while the survivor suffers from burn wounds on more than half of his face, and body.

While talking to Geo News, the survivor’s father said Shafeeq had asked them for Rs0.6 million, threatening them of dire consequences if they failed to pay him the amount. 

However, he added, since they could not pay such a hefty sum, Shafeeq came to their house in Mankarao area of Peshawar and assaulted his son Ammar* with acid.

But sources in the police department said the investigation has revealed extortion money was not the only reason behind the attack. 

According to sources, Shafeeq attacked Ammar, a student of grade 9, after the latter turned down his request for friendship. Subsequently, the survivor’s face was badly affected while he lost sight in one eye.

Ammar was taken to Khyber Teaching Hospital, but is now at home awaiting justice even after a month of the incident.

Police said the issue was being investigated, promising the accused would be arrested soon.

Although incidents of violence against men and boys are not unusual in Peshawar, an acid attack against men is not commonly heard of.

*Name changed to protect identity of the survivor  


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