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Saturday Feb 03 2018
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Chinese boy loses finger, partial eyesight as charging mobile phone explodes

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GUANGXI: A 12-year-old Chinese boy suffered a major injury to his hand and eye when his mobile phone — that was being charged — exploded in his room, British tabloid Daily Mail reported citing Chinese media.

Meng Jisu was about to pick up his phone, which was plugged into the electric socket for charging, when it blew up, ripping away the index finger of his right hand and leaving him blind in his right eye. The plastic shrapnel from the blast hit his face, causing the injury.

The young boy, who was found unconscious and covered in blood by his elder sister, had to undergo a five-hour-long surgery and is still in the hospital, according to Chinese media, which also identified the mobile phone as locally-made Hua Tang VT-V59.

As per the doctors who operated on Jisu — including People's Hospital chief physician Lan Tianbing — the “’shredded’ index finger was not brought along” and that “it was not possible to reattach” it.

“The doctors also carried out skin graft on his right forearm, reattached the blood vessels of his thumb, middle finger and ring finger onto his right hand,” Daily Mail wrote.

Jisu would hopefully regain 98 percent use of his wounded hand.