Wednesday Mar 14 2018

Two brothers from Lahore ace Harvard University diploma course

Taiyyab, 20, and Tahir, 19, scored over 90% on a Data Science course. Photo: Geo News screengrab 

Two brothers from Lahore have aced a Harvard University diploma course.

Tayyab, 20, and Tahir, 19, scored over 90 per cent on a Data Science course which is a combination of Mathematics and Economics enabling analysis of statistics.

The brothers, residents of Iqbal Town in Lahore, took the six-month online course and aced the final project.

The subject of their final project was population-wise distribution of poverty in the United States.

Photo: Geo News screengrab 

“We obtained data from US Statistics Bureau to participate in the online course,” Taiyyab told

Microsoft bore expenses for their course which had 10 modules.

“The final module was a competition held by Microsoft,” Tahir said. “Over 400 people from across the world participated in the final module,” the 19-year-old added.