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Tuesday Apr 10 2018
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India woman writes 'BOMB' on suitcase, leads Brisbane airport into panic

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Photo: Twitter

A mislabeled bag at the Brisbane airport sent the Australian Federal Police (AFP) into a frenzy as they discovered a bag “BOMB to BRISBANE” at the baggage claim.

Venkata Lakshmi, 65, who was travelling from Mumbai to Brisbane last Wednesday, accidentally marked her luggage as “BOMB’ instead of Bombay: the old name for Mumbai.

According to reports in the Indian Express, the AFP cordoned off the area after they were alerted about the suspicious bag.

“An area near a baggage carousel was cordoned off and the item was examined in accordance with routine protocols and was not deemed to be suspicious,” a police spokesman said.

Later the AFP asked the lady to open the bag, which contained nothing but everyday items.

While talking to another news outlet, Lakshmi’s daughter Devi Jothiraj said that her mother was mortified about the "mix-up".

"She was pulled into a room and interviewed. My mother told me they thought something was in there and people were panicking. They asked her to open the bag and asked her why it says bomb and she said — It's for Bombay!" said Jothiraj.

After inspecting the contents of the bag, AFP let Lakshmi go, seeing as there was no actual threat. 


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