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Saturday Jun 09 2018
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German ambassador winning over Pakistanis, one tweet at a time

Web Desk
German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler. Photo: Twitter

German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler has been winning over Pakistanis one tweet at a time. 

A quick scroll through his Twitter handle and you will find Kobler promoting a positive image of Pakistan and also doing for the environment more than what most of us are.

A true ambassador of Pakistan, Kobler has been tweeting tips urging people to #SaveWaterForPak and has Twitterati in awe of his tweets.

Kobler’s Twitter account came to the notice of most Pakistanis after he shared a picture of himself using a bucket to wash his car in order to save water.

"Using a bucket to save water while washing my car!! #Pakistan ranks third amongst countries facing water shortage. One major reason is excessive use! 100 liters wasted washing a car with running tap water...  many ways to #SaveWater in our daily life! #SaveWaterforPak," he tweeted.

Many lauded Kobler's tweet and said he was setting a great example.

But that was not his only post on saving water or protecting the environment. 

The German ambassador to Pakistan also shared a picture of himself brushing his teeth with the caption, "So many ways to #SaveWater! Lots of people leave the water running while brushing their teeth. Using a cup with water instead can save a few liters every day! #SaveWaterforPak"

Kobler also tweeted about the untreated sewage disposed in Karachi's sea on a daily basis and its effect on Pakistan's marine life.

Not just public awareness messages, Kobler has also been sharing beautiful pictures of his visit up north.

Unlike most Pakistanis who are severly critical of the national carrier, Kobler during his recent visit to Baltistan shared that he was "very happy to fly with the only PIA plane with the new design".

He also wore a shalwar kameez to pick up his wife from the airport and asked, "Do I blend in with the locals?"

The German ambassador has also been following recommendations of his Pakistani fans.

Kobler shared that he will be adding a few truck art features to his foxy as suggested by Twitterati. 

As Kobler continues to win over Pakistanis, he also tweeted thanking his followers and inviting his 40,000th follower for tea.

"You guys make me feel so welcome in Pakistan! @jawadjlc you’re my follower #40,000! Thanks and please let me know next time you come to Islamabad. I’d like to invite you to tea!


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