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Tuesday Aug 28 2018

Load Wedding brings you the best from both commercial and art cinema

There are commercial movies and then there are art movies and those, in my opinion, serve as the best of both worlds.

Rarely there are movies that serve us both and Load Wedding happens to be one of them: elegant yet witty, a movie that can be enjoyed alone or with family and friends.

Director Nabeel Qureshi and producer Fizza Ali Meerza latest venture has truly delivered another piece of cinematic art, which words may not do any justice.

The movie not only balances humour and morals beautifully, it also addresses real-life issues plaguing our society. From polio campaigns to the marriage to a widow and dowry, Load Wedding does it all.

Unlike your typical Pakistani film that is set in Karachi, Load Wedding takes place in rural Punjab, delivering the perfect blend of Punjabi comedy humour with Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat in the lead roles.

Even though Mustafa and Hayat were the stars of the movie, it was the supporting cast who stole the show for me with their impeccable acting.

First up is Fizza Hassan in her role as Baby Baji who beautifully delivers the role of the typical desi 'nand', making the audience admire her, hate her and sympathise with her.

The second role that stole the show for me was of the attention seeking game show host played by Fahim Khan. Khan’s character who would do absolutely anything for his 15 minutes of fame is a delight to watch. From his impression of Amir Liaquat to his walk on the ramp, everything was perfect.

Not only did Load Wedding deliver brilliant acting, the movie also delivered cheeky and on point references as we have come to see in previous projects from Qureshi and Meerza.

From Imran Bajwa pointing to problems that need to be fixed in “Naya Pakistan” to remembering the late Om Puri, every reference was well timed, humorous and heart-wrenching.

All in all, Load Wedding can easily be dubbed as the crown jewel for Filmwala Productions, which has set a high bar for Pakistani movies to come.