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Friday Sep 14 2018
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Sania Maskatiya showcases collection at New York Fashion Week

Web Desk
Known for including rich textiles, fabric design and embroidery within their pieces, Sania Maskatiya has quickly become Pakistan's most lauded designer. Photo: Sania Maskatiya Instagram

With the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) concluding this week, the world watched with bated breathe as some of the biggest names in the world of fashion, showcased their collection.

However, this time around Pakistan’s leading fashion house Sania Maskatiya was also part of the NYFW as part of emerging designer collection. 

As part of The Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers’ (CAAFD) long-running tradition to showcase emerging designers, Sania’s Studio was chosen by the CAAFD in collaboration with iFashion Network to present its designs at NYFW 2018.

But it wasn't easy for the emerging designer to be picked and have its work showcased at the NYFW since CAAFD is known for its rigorous review process in choosing designers.

Known for including rich textiles, fabric design and embroidery within their pieces, Maskatiya has quickly become Pakistan's most lauded designer and most prized fashion export.

According to the designer, the SS19 collection “remains reflective of Sania Studio’s vanguard fondness for combining modern reduction and antique fantasy. Rhythmic patterns, featuring forms from nature, borrowed from ancient cultures that create a playfully pulsating effect, draped with futuristic playfulness and poise, are its signature element."

The design house engages in some of the best craftsmanship in Pakistan, coming from generations of artisans who have specialised and perfected their craft. 

The NYFW opened with a bang with a masterclass from Tom Ford on September 6 with A-list models oozing subdued sophistication. 

The US city kicks off a month-long fashion merry-go-round in which editors, celebrities and influencers descend first on the Big Apple before jetting off to fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris.


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