Tuesday Jul 09 2019

'Mango pizza' blows away folks at mango festival in Pakistan's mango capital Multan

MULTAN: A 'mango pizza' blew away folks at the annual mango festival held this weekend in Pakistan's mango capital, Multan.

With cheese oozing out of it, fresh veggies, and some savoury pizza sauce, the pizza was topped with the season's most delicious and pulpy mangoes, sliced and garnished on top of it.

The three-day family event, organised by the Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture Multan (MNS-UAM) and held at a local hotel, was inaugurated by Punjab's Minister for Agriculture, Malik Nauman Ahmad Langrial.

It boasted more than 50 types of mangoes and featured various mouth-watering food made with mangoes and prepared by the MNS-UAM's students. These included the aforementioned mango pizza, mango cake, mango panna cotta, and mango ice cream, as well as chutneys made from ripe and green mangoes.

An "Oreo mango cheese dessert" was presented as well.

Families attending the mango festival said events such as these were much-needed to promote Multan's famed fruit around the world.