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Monday Jul 22 2019
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Mohsin Abbas Haider 'lying', 'trying to mislead' people, wife reacts to press conference

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Pakistani actor Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife, Fatima Sohail Chaudhry, said Monday was "lying" and "trying to mislead" people after the actor had claimed in a press conference a day prior that she had bruises because she fell down the stairs.

Earlier, Fatima Sohail had alleged that Mohsin Abbas Haider had dragged and punched her when she was three-months pregnant with their son after she confronted him about cheating on her.

Speaking of her suffering, she told Geo Pakistan: "He’s lying, he's telling people … trying to mislead them … that the bruises on my body were because I fell from the stairs.

"But people are not blind. They can very clearly see that those marks are because he hit me, not the result of me falling down the stairs," she added. In a press gaggle on Sunday, Haider denied that he ever raised a hand on her.

"At that time, I had no mind to make these things about Mohsin public. I tried very hard to make it work to save my home. I had thought at that time that things would improve after the birth of our child.

“He is lying. He is trying to confuse the media,” she told the show hosts, adding: "Recently when I went to Mohsin’s house — around July 15, 16 or 17 — he hit me, pulled my hair, slapped and pushed and threw me, what medical [test] should I get done for that?"

She added that she had to go to his home because "he had put my number on blocked and was not responding". Sohail further noted that wished to "give the child what he deserves, give him father’s love, that’s what I went there to say".

Sohail also underscored that the couple "we very consciously and being in our senses, planned this baby [but I didn’t know this man was cheating on me."

When asked about Haider's depression and whether his actions or mind were not in his control, she responded in negative, saying: "How can people accept domestic violence?

"Yes, it is okay and can be understood that a person goes to a psychiatrist but how can people accept domestic violence?"

Sohail's allegations have been backed up by other celebrities in the entertainment industry, many of whom took to social media to share what they heard and saw. “The entire industry is an eyewitness to my ordeal.

"How can he say he stopped beating when there are eyewitnesses from the industry speaking about incidents from 2018?"

Chaudhry, who had filed a first information report (FIR) against Haider, said she tried desperately over the past one year to save her marriage. At one point, she went on to say, she even went to meet her husband’s mistress to convince her to leave him.

"That woman has sometimes acknowledged that she was having an affair with him and that she was not gonna leave him but I do admit my mistake that when my own husband was in the wrong, I shouldn’t have gone to her.

“Now all I want is the court to give my child his rights, which Mohsin refuses to do.”

As for Haider's comments about her family, she said he was "doing character assassination not directly but indirectly he’s maligning my family, and he even looped in my dead daughter.

"Let me say this, this man was addressing a press conference and he lied through his teeth and that he lied about coming from the police station."

Sohail further noted that she had spoken to the station house officer (SHO) and that she could "share with you the audio of that call as well". 

The SHO, she added, "is saying this man never came to me, this man is lying, they’re saying about me that I’m not picking my phone yet how is that possible when I’ve been responding to the media throughout yesterday?"

As far as the comments being made from Mohsin Abbas Haider's social media accounts were concerned, she said he was lying about his account being hacked.

"If a man is having an affair with another woman, why would he give his wife his password?"

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