Monday Sep 16 2019

Court acquits woman driver in cat murder case in Karachi

Complainant says woman ran over the cat and didn't stop to take care of the wounded animal. — File photo

KARACHI: A local court acquitted a woman on Monday, who was accused of running over a cat and not stopping to help the animal.

The case was submitted under complainant named Faiq Ali Jagirani, who mentioned that around the world animal rights are safeguarded and he will pursue the case, so the suspect gets a sentence for the crime.

According to Faiq Ali Jagirani's complaint, the woman named Tehmina ran over the cat and when he asked her to take the wounded animal to a hospital, she didn’t comply and sped away in her car.

In her defense, the woman said she was reversing her car and didn’t see the animal, who accidentally came under the car’s tires.

In the hearing today, Tehmina told the court that the cat who passed away was not domestic and she will face the trial. She appealed to the court to stop her imminent arrest.

The judicial magistrate’s court acquitted the woman due to lack of evidence and asked her to submit bail bonds worth Rs30,000.

The case was filed in February in the Darkhashan police station under Section 429 of Pakistan Penal Code, which pertains to animal rights and the culprit can face up to five years in jail.