Weight loss: Five top fiber-rich foods that help you lose weight

Weight loss: Fiber-rich foods that include Oatmeal, Beans, Chia Seeds, Lentils and Flax Seeds have tremendous benefits, one of which majorly accounts for helping you lose weight.

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Have you ever faced problems like constipation, increased hunger, high cholesterol, dull complexion, and obesity? If yes, then fiber is the magic pill for you.

Why following a high fiber diet can do wonders

A high-fiber diet has tremendous benefits, one of which majorly accounts for helping you lose weight. Fiber helps curb your hunger by adding bulk that gives you a satisfied feeling of fullness after consuming a meal without boosting your blood sugar levels or adding calories.

With the help of this plant-rich nutrient, you can easily enjoy bigger portions of food without compromising on your calorie intake. The fact that fibrous foods need more chewing also adds to its quality of making you feel fuller and more content with your diet.

How does this diet work?

Fiber consists of two parts—soluble and insoluble. The soluble part helps in regulating the speed of digestion by turning into gel in the stomach. This gel allows for better absorption of nutrients and allows you to feel full. It also lowers levels of cholesterol, aiding in reducing the risk for coronary artery disease. Lastly, it also works great with controlling the blood sugar level, which is very beneficial for people with sugar problems.

The insoluble fiber, however, constitutes the bulk of our waste. It is great for digestive disorders as it makes it easier for you to poop by cleaning the intestinal tract. Many people go through constipation because of skipping their daily dose of fiber or insufficient fiber intake.

Five easily available and pocket-friendly high fiber foods:

  • Oatmeal
  • Beans
  • Chia Seeds
  • Lentils
  • Flax Seeds

1. Oatmeal

A good breakfast is essential for speeding up your metabolism, and oats are indeed the best food to start your day with if you're trying to lose weight.

You could have oatmeal with milk and add your favorite fruits as topping to enjoy a super healthy and tasty breakfast. This delicious breakfast recipe is full of fiber, essential minerals, and the right amount of carbohydrates.

Also, please note that half (1/2) a cup of oatmeal constitutes 4 grams of fiber.

2. Beans

Certain beans, namely kidney beans and black beans, are quite underrated when we discuss food benefits. Both these beans, apart from providing satiety and helping us shed those extra kilos, assist in improving gut and heart health. These beans also contain a very essential nutrient known as folate—a deficiency of which could cause weakness, fatigue, heart palpitations, and irritability.

Some simple ways to add beans to your daily diet include:

  • Adding beans instead of meat: You could replace meat with beans to soups, pasta, and other dishes and actually enjoy the difference in taste.
  • Adding beans to salads: A chilled bean salad can always help keep you more energised throughout the day.
  • Taking beans as a sideline: Decrease other food intake by adding more beans to your meal and reducing portions of other foods from your meal.

3. Chia seeds

Chia seeds are being taken all across the world for aiding in weight loss. These seeds are excellent in reducing belly fat and are undoubtedly one of the best high-fiber foods on the planet. You can add this super food to any dish and enjoy its essence.

You could sprinkle the small chia seeds on your morning oats or your day time smoothie, or even make a chia seed pudding! You'd be surprised to know that just two tablespoons of these super effective seeds give almost 11 grams of fiber.

4. Lentils

Lentils, 'daal' in Urdu, are a go-to food item for lunch and dinner. The best part about lentils are their easy availability and consumption in almost every house of Pakistan. About ½ a cup adds about 8 gm of fiber.

You could even use lentils in salads or make lentil soups. You will notice your meals becoming more protein rich too by adding lentils to your diet. In case you plan to have this with rice, then our advice would be to take the lentil curry with brown rice instead of white rice for better results in weight loss.

5. Flax seeds

Flax seeds have high-protein content which helps suppress your appetite. These seeds are very low in starch and sugar, hence accountable for minimal calorie intake. The benefits of these seeds range from cholesterol control to being a very helpful ingredient for constipation relief and skin care.

Remember to go slow with this change and increase your fiber intake gradually over a couple of days for a healthy digestive system and a balanced diet.