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Sunday Oct 20 2019
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Here is the best time to exercise for weight loss

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By employing the body’s internal clock to work in your favour, a person can find pockets of time when their energy levels are at their peak. Photo: AFP

There are a number of theories floating regarding what is considered to be the ‘best’ time to exercise during the day.

Truth is, the best time is any time which the individual can set aside, because there is no empirical evidence to suggest the possibility of a relationship between the amount of calories burned and the time of day.

Circadian Rhythm:

A circadian rhythm is a person’s internal bodily clock which governs whether a person is an early bird or a night owl. There is not much that can be done to alter their body’s internal clock. Its governance is depended upon a 24-hour pattern, running on the earth’s rotation schedule. These rhythms in questions influence a number of bodily functions, from body temperature to blood pressure, heart rate as well as hormone levels. If even one of these aspects is warped, a person can suffer intense repercussions.

By employing the body’s internal clock to work in your favour, a person can find pockets of time during the day where their energy levels are at their peak. But of course one cannot forget added work life responsibilities that plague the population at large. For many, that is either that which hinders or encourages them to begin a fitness journey.

How to find the best time to exercise?

Becoming an expert on the body’s circadian rhythm is not a prerequisite for anyone aiming to determine the best possible time for exercise. It all lies within trial and error, start by working out in the morning for a couple of weeks while some days, trying out in the evening would fare better. By trying out multiple options and finding one which does not interfere with responsibilities will make this process far easier. Another consideration to take notice of is the kind of exercise that a person is into.

When morning is best:

Those who have an issue of consistency, morning might be their best chance at getting some exercise in. doctors however recommend that for anyone who wishes to exercise in the morning, it is best to give more time for warm ups because the body’s internal temperature is usually at its lowest at this time.

When exercising later is better:

For those who struggle to get themselves out of bed in the morning, exercise can end up becoming a dreaded part of the day, for these kinds of people, exercising in the evening might be preferred. Some may even prefer to squeeze in a workout during their lunch break in an effort to ward off the midday slump that plagues much of the population.