WATCH: Lebanese protester acts 'inappropriately' with female reporter on live television

TV reporter stays calm and maintains eye contact with camera, calls act unacceptable

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A video of a Lebanese protester behaving inappropriately with a reporter from Sky News Arabia has gone viral on the internet, and sparked another debate about harassment of women in public places.

A video shared by Lebanese TV host Neeshan on the social networking platform Twitter shows a protester from the charged crowd giving Sky News reporter Darine El Helwe a peck on the cheek while she reports.

The inappropriate behavior has sparked yet another debate on social media regarding the harassment of women in public places. Many female reporters on the field have routinely complained about harassment. 

While some have dismissed the act as harmless, others have come forward saying that there was nothing harmless about the act, and that the woman in the video visibly displayed her confusion over the situation. 

In the video, Helwe can be seen confused when she feels the peck on the cheek, and briefly smiles before resuming the coverage of the protest. In a later interview, she termed the peck 'unacceptable'. 

Lebanon has been rocked by protests since October 17, and people in the country are demanding an overhaul of the ruling elite widely considered as corrupt and ignorant of the needs of the common man. 

Many videos of the protests in Lebanon have gone viral on the internet, in which protesters can been seen dancing, singing and otherwise enjoying themselves while taking part in the demonstrations.