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Thursday Nov 21 2019
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WATCH: Paine plays mind games with Rizwan by admiring his scent

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Australian captain and wicketkeeper Tim Paine welcomed his Pakistani counterpart Muhammad Rizwan at the crease with some pretty interesting remarks on the opening day of the first Test against Pakistan on Thursday. 

Paine, according to a video shared on Twitter by Cricket Australia, tried to break the concentration of Rizwan when he came out to bat by complimenting his scent (yes, you read that right) and comparing him with his predecessor, Sarfaraz Ahmed. 

The stump microphone picked up Paine as saying: "Sarfaraz would have dispatched that for a boundary. Sweep, boom, four." The remark was clearly an attempt to egg Rizwan to taking some premature risk.

But after Rizwan, apparently unfazed, refused to take the bait and blocked the very next ball, Paine said: "Smells nice though, definitely smells nice."

Unlike the Sarfaraz remarks, the subsequent compliment does not make much sense though, but perhaps that sort of banter is all it takes sometimes to distract the batsman.

Rizwan contributed a rather breezy 37 off 34 balls so maybe he did take the bait. In the end, he was out caught, and the man inflicting the pain was of course, Paine.