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Wednesday Dec 11 2019
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Hafeez, coach Razzaq share lighthearted moment over snooker table

Web Desk
Twitter/Abdul Razzaq (@ARazzaqPak)/Screenshots via

All-rounder Mohammad Hafeez on Wednesday engaged in a friendly snooker competition with Pakistan's cricket coach, Abdul Razzaq, where the former admitted defeat to the latter.

Former cricketer Razzaq posted a video on Twitter, which almost served as a public declaration of Hafeez's defeat to the coach. "I accept my defeat. Razzaq bhai [brother] played very well today and proved what a great snooker player he is," he said.

"I accept my loss and admit that I did not have fever," he added jokingly. "I will not make any excuses for my defeat (to Razzaq), it is his win, and we should all be happy for him," Hafeez said while interrupting the former cricketer.

And, to that, Razzaq responded by saying: "I want to say something: 'I am sorry'."

We may not know what the context behind the friendly banter was but we do know it was all in good spirits as the two shook hands and laughed afterwards.