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Tuesday Jan 28 2020
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Saeed Ghani mocks IG Sindh, says he should be named 'PTIG'

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The minister expressed that hostility from the opposition benches for the IG’s transfer means that they had vested interests. — Photo:

Sindh Information Minister Saeed Ghani on Tuesday said that the designation of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kaleem Imam should be changed to PTIG, as tensions continue to rise between the provincial government and Sindh's top cop.

“The IG Sindh should be named PTIG so that there is no misconception that he belongs to the party," said the minister, adding that his fears about Imam have proven true.

“Five IG’s were transferred in Punjab after the new government was formed. No one made a fuss about it. The top police officials of KP and Islamabad were also transferred yet no turmoil took place,” Ghani said.

The minister said hostility from the opposition benches for the Sindh IG’s transfer means that they had vested interests.

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“People are offended if the person [being transferred] belongs to their party or is working for their organization, or if they are dependent on him for their bread and butter,” Ghani noted.

Smiling when referring to Imam’s statement that if he would be transferred he would 'attain a better rank', the minister said this proves that someone with authority is backing Sindh's top police official.

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