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Tuesday Jan 28 2020
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Embattled IG Sindh Kaleem Imam's speech at ceremony stirs speculation

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Inspector General of Sindh Police Dr Syed Kaleem Imam on Tuesday broke his silence on the news surrounding his removal, saying that he "will not be transferred so easily".

The police chief made the comment while addressing a ceremony in remembrance of fallen police officers.

“I will not go so easily. There has been a major conspiracy against me and the impression is being given that I have already been transferred,” Imam said. 

He noted that it seemed as if his speech at the event was "a farewell speech", but told the police officials that this news was "untrue".

Sindh’s top cop said that the police had to work under rules and regulations and follow the oath they took when they put on the uniform. 

He told the officers that there are always going to be obstacles in their path, but one should not be deterred by them.

IGP Imam clarifies

Later, in an informal conversation with reporters, Sindh’s top cop said his speech was meant for the policemen present at the event and had been delivered in a lighter vein.

He explained that some officers who spoke before him had addressed the event as if it was his [IG Imam's] farewell. 

In his speech, therefore, he was merely teasing them that they seemed to have turned the event into a farewell as part of a 'conspiracy', he explained. 

He regretted that his remarks were misinterpreted by the media to mean something he had not intended. 

Sindh govt reacts

Adviser to Chief Minister Sindh on Information Murtaza Wahab had taken strong exception to media coverage of the police chief’s speech.

Wahab said that the provincial government had given the IG "ample time" to perform, but the PPP-led government "was not satisfied" with his performance.

The advisor further said it was "not the job of the IG to give speeches" and that it "does not suit a civil servant to issue statements against an elected government".