Sunday Feb 02 2020
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Harry, Meghan outraged over Doria Ragland getting dragged by Thomas Markle into the feud

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 Meghan and Harry are “furious” with Doria Ragland’s name getting dragged into the mess by Thomas Markle

Meghan Markle’s deep-rooted rift with her estranged father Thomas Markle is nothing new for the public and after her departure from the royal family with Prince Harry, the father-daughter only seem to be drifting farther and farther away. 

Following his recent appearance on Good Morning Britain where he said a series of contentious things about the Sussexes, what seemed to have irked them the most was him dragging Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland into the cold war.

“I’ve spoken and sent letters to Doria to get to Meghan as well, and that hasn’t happened,” he had said.

According to The Sun, Meghan and Harry are quite “furious” with Doria’s name getting dragged into the mess.

A source cited by the publication revealed: “Thomas’ attempt to bring Doria into the whole thing is a desperate move. She is a completely innocent party in the whole thing. If Meghan decides to speak to her dad again it will be her own decision.”

“They don’t want Doria dragged into any of this and to become a pawn for Thomas to use. Doria doesn’t do conflict,” the insider further added.

During the interview, he had also threatened his daughter that he would give interviews every month if she does not get in touch with him.