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Thursday Feb 06 2020
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Google Maps to roll out update for its 15th birthday

Web Desk
Photo: Google

Celebrating its 15th birthday Google Maps announced a redesign for the app on Android and iPhone that is set to roll out today.

The update is user-friendly and doesn’t require much digging to find some options. It focuses on five icons on the bottom of the screen, three of which are new.

In addition to the old Commute and Explore buttons, when the update rolls out you will soon see the buttons 'Saved,' 'Contribute' and 'Updates.'

Source: Google

Updated buttons:

Saved shows you the restaurants, bars, landmarks and other places you’ve bookmarked to see. It’s useful if you’re visiting a city and want to make a list of places to visit when you get there.

Contribute makes it faster to add reviews or post photos of the places you’ve been.

Photo: Theverge

Updates is a quick way to see what’s popular around you based on recommendations from “local experts” or information outlets.

The other update is coming to Google’s augmented-reality Live View feature, that will simply show the location of your destination without launching into the full-fledged 3D turn-by-turn navigation mode that’s currently available.