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Friday Feb 28 2020
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Will Eminem react to THIS hilarious 'Godzilla' cover?

Web Desk

Eminem took the internet by storm on Tuesday when he asked his fans to rap Godzilla, a song from his latest album "Music To Be Murdered By". 

The song has been covered by multiple amateur rappers ever since its release. Thousands others later followed the trend after Eminem put up the challenge on social media.

The Detroit rapper put up the #GodzillaChallenge on Tuesday on his Instagram and Twitter accounts and internet is flooded with hundreds videos of his fans attempting to rap the track.

Some folks close to Slim Shady were also not oblivious to his social media challenge and came up with their own version.

One of the #GodzillaChallenge videos was recently shared by LLCOOLJ, the rapper who has immensely inspired Eminem.

Taking to Twitter, LLCOOLJ posted a video of BIZ MARKIE taking on the challenge in a way that left social media users in fits.

"Yo Em!!! Ya manz man Bizmarkie ain’t playing with this Godzilla challenge!!! [Emojis] #[email protected] getting it done!!! [Emojis] @[email protected]"

Instead of attempting to rap the track, BIZ MARKIE lip syncs the Eminem's Godzilla in a hilarious manner .

While the effort on the part of BIZ MARKIE has evoked laughters, fans are still wondering whether Eminem too would find it funny.