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Thursday Mar 12 2020
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Coronavirus: Queen's health draws concerns as UK health minister tests positive

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Queen Elizabeth’s health drew concern following Dorries’ diagnosis of the coronavirus

Queen Elizabeth II's health has been put at risk with the novel coronavirus after the British Health Minister Nadine Dorries contracted the disease.

Her Majesty’s health drew concern following Dorries’ diagnosis of the disease after she first started showing symptoms at an event with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who was later present at the Commonwealth Service with the British royal family as well.

The Queen has been taking precautionary steps to avoid the contraction of the virus, wearing gloves and avoiding all physical contact during her official proceedings.

During her meeting with Sri Lankan High Commissioner Saroja Sirisena as well as her husband Dr. Sudath Talpahewa at the Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, Her Majesty could be observed avoiding the handshake in times of the novel disease that has the world under its firm grip.

Earlier, the Queen had also been observed avoiding handshakes with guests and officiants at the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey where she could also be seen wearing gloves during the entire ceremony.

The pandemic has gripped the world infecting over 126,380 people worldwide and taking the lives of as many as 4,634.