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Thursday Apr 09 2020
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Ellen DeGeneres removes video where she compares her mansion to a jail

Web Desk

Ellen DeGeneres removes video where she compares her mansion to a jail

After getting recognized far and wide as one of the 'kindest' people on television, Ellen DeGeneres seems to have gotten her stars vexed as things take a 360 degree turn for her.

The chat show host was given no choice but to remove her video from her latest remote episode of The Ellen Show where she cracks a joke that did not sit well with the viewers.

While the video in which she compares her multi-million dollar mansion to a jail, was taken down, the comedian is yet to issue a formal apology after stirring up a storm online over the insensitive comment.

During the episode, Ellen saw her bid to lighten things up with her humour, backfire badly.

"This is like being in jail, is what it is. It's mostly because I've been wearing the same clothes for ten days and everyone in here is gay. The jokes that I have,” she said.

The comment did not sit well with Twitter users who were quick to remind Ellen of her privilege and slam her over the ‘tone-deaf’ comment.

Users pointed out how the current conditions of detention centers are extremely perilous with many lockups in the United States seeing a spike in coronavirus cases within the confinements.

Last month, the TV personality had drawn flak after her ex-staffers and employees opened up about their appalling experiences working with her.

Comedian Kevin T Porter was the one to spark the online trend after he termed her to be “one of the meanest people alive.”

Soon after that, a number of appalling experiences were brought to light as wait staff and some of the TV workers shared their experiences of ‘ridiculous’ rules on the sets.

It was revealed that DeGeneres would send her staff home if they “smelled” or hadn’t chewed gum before talking to her. She was even alleged of axing employees over chipped nail polish.