Friday Apr 10 2020
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China issues list of animals that can be used for their meat

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The Chinese government published a draft list of livestock that can be used as meat, following experts' claim the coronavirus had originated from a wet market in Wuhan, CNN reported Friday.

According to the notification issued, the animals fit for being used as meat include pigs, chicken, cows, sheep, and “special livestock” such as several species of alpaca ostriches, and deer.

“Two species of fox, raccoons and minks can be kept as livestock but not for their meat,” the report published by CNN said.

The notification does not shed light upon the consumption of pangolins and bats — the animals suspected by scientists of being the origin of the pandemic. Dogs have also not been included in the list.

"With the progress of human civilisation and the public's concern and preference for animal protection, dogs have evolved from traditional livestock to companion animals," said a notification explaining the draft.

"They are generally no longer regarded as livestock in the rest of the world. It is not advisable to list them under livestock or poultry in China,” it added.

“The draft has still yet to be finalised and the public has until May 8 to provide feedback,” CNN added.