Here's how you can make Ramadan exciting for children during coronavirus lockdown

Relish healthy activities like preparing Suhoor and iftar with your kids during lockdown in this month of blessings

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During Ramadan, when almost the entire world is pushed into a sudden lockdown, mothers at homes are going extra miles to keep children occupied in productive activities.

Beginning with basics, the first thing to do as a parent is to inform and educate your kids about the importance of observing the fast during the holy month and the preventions to protect themselves from the contagious coronavirus – while they make the best of this month.

Prepare Suhoor and Iftar together

If you want to keep your children involved in all activities during the blissful month of Ramadan, let them accompany you in the kitchen during Suhoor and Iftar so that they can experiment with their cooking skills under your supervision and guidance.

Maintaining journal for quick follow-ups

Set them a timetable with the beginning and end time and breaks in between. Map out the learning your children will be doing. This will certainly be exhilarating for your kids as they can write their good and bad deeds in it. Moreover, the journal will let children revive their memories about their fast when they will read it at the end of Ramadan or when they will be observing fast the next year.

Motivate children to read

Spend an amazing time with your kids in exploring new books. Encourage them to read more and discuss the plot and share the review of the books they read later. You can also hand them books that cover interesting anecdotes from Islamic history that can lead to an informative discussion with your children. A good bedtime read would work perfectly to eliminate your child’s lockdown boredom.

Inculcate the spirit of charity

In order to preach the essence of Ramadan, the concept of charity needs to be taught to kids. So, what parents can do is take an empty jar and ask the children to decorate these with glass paints or stickers. And then encourage them to save some amount from their pocket money and collect it in that jar for people who are needy and are living in dar worse conditions. They can also generate charity from their family members and then hand it to the needy during the lockdown by themselves. This will inculcate compassion and a sense of responsibility in your children. 

Make it a close family affair

The lockdown period during this Ramadan seems an idle time to bond with your family, especially kids. Making this holy month a family affair is very essential. If your children are young and not observing the fast then make them sit with the family at iftar time in order to teach them how others break their fast. This will also put emphasis on timing and unity during the holy month.