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Saturday Aug 01 2020

Marghazar zoo lion was kept hungry, thirsty: medical report

ISLAMABAD: The medical report of the lion who died while being shifted from Marghazar Zoo to a sanctuary, a few days ago, had been kept hungry and thirsty as well, said a medical report. 

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The medical report, obtained by Geo News, states that the lion had gotten weak as he was kept hungry and thirsty at the zoo. 

A lion and lioness had died while being shifted from Marghazar Zoo to a sanctuary. A video obtained by Geo News showed mismanagement on part of the zoo officials as the zoo staff could be seen in the video, setting fire in the cage and using sticks to scare off the animal but it got frightened and confused instead.

The report further mentioned that while the lion was being shifted to the sanctuary, it was kept in an enclosed place, which caused additional discomfort and led to the animal feeling suffocated. It said that various wildlife laws were violated while the animal was being transferred from the zoo.  

The medical report further said that the lion's lungs had darkened in colour due to bleeding. It said that the animal, besides being denied food, was not vaccinated and swelling was observed in its lungs and liver.

Multiple animals at Islamabad zoo dead

Moreover, zoo officials had admitted that six deer had died during transfers so far. These included two spotted deer, two elks, and one Indian gazelle.

In addition, they acknowledged that a Belgian Blue cow, as well as a lion, lioness, and ostrich each had also died. Officials said the bird had died due to a cloth being tied over its face.

In this regard, zoologist have opined that the reason animals were dying was transfer processes being carried out during unfavourable weather conditions.

Cold weather, on the other hand, is a good choice for the shifting of animals, the experts said.