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Wednesday Sep 09 2020

Habib Jalib Chair established in Brussels to promote Urdu literature

Progressive Thoughts International had established its first chair in the name of renowned rights activist and lawyer Asma Jahangir. Pictured is the memorial event held in her honour in March 2018 in Brussels, EU. Photo: File

Progressive Thoughts International on Tuesday announced that it has established the Habib Jalib Urdu Chair in memory of the poet to promote progressive Urdu literature.

The Brussels-based group has named Saifullah Saify as chairman of the Jalib Chair, with Malik Muhammad Ajmal as its president and Umer Memon as the general secretary.

Saify said that the chair was established to so that the "literary heritage" of Habib Jalib could be passed on to not only the youth of the subcontinent but also to non-Urdu speaking people all over the world.

"It [the neglect of Jalib's work] is not the fault of today's youngsters because no serious attempt has been made at any level to convey it to the people," Saify said on the occasion. 

He added that the group will try its best to highlight the sacrifices, hardships of imprisonment and Jalib's literary work in connection with his struggle for human rights and democracy.

The chairman also shared that the officials will try to attract youth towards literature by holding literary gatherings and promoting Urdu through various virtual and in-person seminars and literary sessions

Progressive Thoughts International had earlier set up a chair in honour of Asma Jahangir, the celebrated rights activist and lawyer.