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Sunday Sep 13 2020
Web Desk

Meghan Markle’s sneak peek into Santa Barbara décor leaves fans in awe

Web Desk

While celebrating the one year anniversary of the release of her workwear capsule collection Smart Set, the Duchess sat in for a video call and caught up with the charity Smart Works.

The call featured three women who were previously aided by the charity at one point. All three of them elaborated upon their own experiences regarding nailing interviews and even touched upon securing employment through coaching strategies taught to them via the charity itself.

During the course of the call, Meghan herself was all decked out in chic and aesthetics pieces however, what caught the attention of fans more dearly was the opportunity to grab a sneak peek into Meghan’s décor style for her fireplace.

The room featured a breathtaking fireplace below a vintage print bearing the bear of California. It was crafted from the cover of sheet music for I Love California, the regional anthem for the area.

Check it out below:

As a born and raised Californian, there is no doubt as to why the Duchess chose to highlight her house with personalized memorabilia.