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Sunday Sep 20 2020
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's mutual affection winning hearts

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been enjoying an ideal life together since their wedding in 2018.

The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex are spending quality time together as they never let the gossips and rumours hurt their goals and keep on struggling to achieve what they have in their minds for themselves and their beloved son Archie.

Meghan, who got engaged with Prince Harry in 2017, initially made all the sacrifices as she left her day job and dedicated her life to royal service.

Now, her love and steadfastness seems to get its reward as she has started living in her own world.

After Archie's birth in May 2019, the couple made the decision not to give their son a courtesy title. They want their son to be as 'normal' as possible.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex famously stepped away from the royal duties at the beginning of 2020 and have since moved to the US with son Archie. They reportedly loving fantastic life in the US.

Now, it seems the former 'Suits' star's childhood dream, to conquer Hollywood and win the Oscar, will also come true after her multi-year Netflix deal.

Harry fully trusts his wife as she is reportedly doing her best to strengthen their position and earning power in the US, which is essential if they’re going to keep the life they’re accustomed to.

The couple could "come together" with the royal family in the future as the Sussexes still have a "very strong" relationship with Prince Charles and the Queen despite stepping back as senior royals.

Meanwhile, some royal commentators, in her cruel blast, tried to give the impression as the Duchess of Sussex is using his husband to fulfill her dreams and get everything that she wanted.