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Saturday Oct 03 2020
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Will Apple unveil an iPhone mini at launch of iPhone 12?

Web Desk

Apple may be unveiling a new model of its popular iPhone devices called the iPhone mini, making it the fourth model that they may launch along with iPhone 12.

According to Techradar, the rumour regarding the launch of a smaller version of the iPhone 12 has been shared three times.

The publication cited three Twitter users claiming that Apple will launch the iPhone 12 mini, along with a normal iPhone 12, an iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. All four products will have a different display screen as per the rumour.

While another Twitter user shared images of four barcode stickers with one of them having the iPhone 12 Mini tag on it.

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The publication also cited Jon Prosser, whom Techradar called a ‘leaker’, who has alleged that iPhone 12 Mini is “definitely the final marketing name” for the fourth model.

Techradar also believes that the rumour may have credence as Apple has used the word mini for other products such as the iPad mini.

However, the publication admitted that Jon Prosser, one out of three people behind the rumours, has proven to be reliable when it comes to such information. It also noted that the rumours may prove to be true as “other leakers” have not disagreed with the ones behind the current rumour.