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Saturday Oct 17 2020

Karachi weather update: City likely to receive light rain on Sunday, says Met Office

Riders on a motorcycle make their way through slipper roads in Karachi. Photo: Geo/file

KARACHI: The Meteorological (Met) Department on Saturday said that the port city is likely to receive rain tomorrow [Sunday] due to the low air pressure that has been formed in the north-eastern region of the Arabian Sea.

The Met Office said that low pressure in the Arabian Sea can transform into a depression, and its effect will manifest in the form of strong winds and cloudy weather in Karachi on Saturday.

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The weather department also predicted that it is likely to drizzle in Karachi tomrrow [Sunday] due to the depression in the Arabian Sea.

Moreover, Tharparkar, Mirpur Khas, Badin, Thatta, and Hyderabad are likely to receive rain today and tomorrow.

The meteorological department also warned fishermen from venturing deep into the sea due to high tidal waves.