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Saturday Oct 31 2020

Picnickers again leave Karachi's Sea View beach filthy, inviting Wasim Akram's wrath

Wasim Akram points out at the bins and criticises the panickers for littering around the bins. SCREENSHOT/Instagram/@Wasim Akram

KARACHI: Cricket legend Wasim Akram on Saturday once again took to social media to express his annoyance over the litter left behind by picnickers on Karachi's Clifton beach. 

The beach had been cleaned up by the Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) just a few days ago.

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“We all should be ashamed [of littering]. I am embarrassed to show this dirty beach to my wife [Shaniera Akram] after it was cleaned just a week ago,” he regretted in a recent video on Instagram.

Pointing out the bins placed by the local authorities by the sea shore, the cricketing legend said there is no use blaming the government when the citizens are actually the ones at fault.

Read more: Wasim Akram laments over Karachi beach's littered state

"Everybody complains that Karachi is a dirty city," he said, asking the people to clean themselves first and then hold the government responsible.

"The first step is to admit that we have a problem and then the process starts," Akram wrote on Instagram.

Earlier in September, Akram had rued the state of Karachi's Sea View beach a day after he came back to the city from England.

Akram had posted a video on his social media after he had found the beach littered with medical waste, shopping bags and other waste.

It is pertinent to mention that Akram's wife, Shaniera, too has been deeply involved in the clean-up campaing. She had last year kicked off a campaign to clean Karachi's beaches.

Her five-month-long drive involved both the local government and volunteers and had borne fruit as a remarkable difference was spotted at least the Clifton beach by early 2020.