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Thursday Nov 26 2020

Zombie situation: Dead minks rise from mass graves after Denmark's culling

A Reuters file image of a mink.

After Denmark resorted to rushed mass cullings of minks as a mutation of the coronavirus was found in the animal transmitted to humans, the country dreads with new horror. The culled minks are now rising from their graves.

According to a news report published in The Guardian on Thursday, Danish social media was sent into a frenzy after photos and videos of the emerging bodies went viral. Reacting to the news, one Twitter user called 2020 “the year of the zombie mutant killer mink” while another one told people to “run … The minks are coming for you.”

The macabre phenomenon was observed in a military training field outside of the western town of Holstebro where police tried to counter the act by shovelling extra soil on top of the corpses, which were buried in a 1 meter-deep trench.

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“This is a natural process,” Thomas Kristensen, a national police spokesperson said. “Unfortunately, one metre of soil is not just one metre of soil – it depends on what type of soil it is. The problem is that the sandy soil in West Jutland is too light. So we have had to lay more soil on top.”

On the other hand, local media reported fears of possible contamination of ground and drinking water supplies as the animals may also have been buried too close to lakes and underground water reserves.

“It seems like no one really knows the consequences of this,” Susan Münster of the Danish water board told the newspaper, Jyllands Posten. “I must confess I find it worrying. At least two local mayors had demanded the mink be dug up and incinerated," Münster said.