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Saturday Nov 28 2020
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Meghan Trainor finds Covid-19 pregnancy ‘spooky’

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Meghan Trainor has found pregnancy in the height of a pandemic to be incredibly “spooky” and scary.

During one of her interviews with Lorraine the singer began by saying, “It’s definitely spooky with Covid and quarantining and going to my doctor appointments alone and without my husband because it is safer that way and that is how they run it.”

“So it’s been scary and different but we are all healthy and that is all that matters and we are just trying to stay as safe as we can.”

She went on to say, “My doctors keep going back and forth. They’re like, ‘Yeah you can have two people in the delivery room’ and then they’re like, ‘It might be one now!’”

At the end of the day, “I just hope by February we can have at least two people in the delivery room. I need my momma!”

Not only Covid-19 but a health scare with gestational diabetes has also been keeping Trainor on her toes too.  So much so that she was even forced to cancel her Thanksgiving dinner with family.

“I figured it’s not safe anyway, let’s just cancel [Thanksgiving] and save it for Christmas. I just know that I am not inviting any outside people. I am only inviting my core family and I am getting them all tested, even though they all live with me.”