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Monday Dec 07 2020
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TIME declares 2020 to be the worst year in history

Web Desk

The TIME magazine has declared 2020 to be the worst year - and we can all relate.

"There have been worse years in US history, and certainly worse years in world history, but most of us alive today have seen nothing like this one," said the magazine on Instagram. 

"You would need to be over 100 to remember the devastation of World War I and the 1918 flu pandemic; roughly 90 to have a sense of the economic deprivation wrought by the Great Depression; and in your 80s to retain any memory of World War II and its horrors."

"The rest of us have had no training wheels for this—for the recurrence of natural disasters that confirm just how much we have betrayed nature; for an election contested on the basis of fantasy; for a virus that originated, possibly, with a bat only to upend the lives of virtually everyone on the planet and end the lives of roughly 1.5 million people around the world," it continued. 

The United States is struggling with a resurgence of the virus, with record infections and a daily death toll that has exceeded 2,000 in recent days. More than 281,000 Americans have died from the COVID-19 disease. 

At least 6,609,427 cases of the highly contagious novel coronavirus have been reported in the United States and its territories, according to a Reuters tally of state and local government sources. The US diagnosed its first COVID-19 case in Washington state on January 20.