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Tuesday Dec 29 2020
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PMC announces new policy for 'Unrecognised Alternative to Post Graduate' programmes

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  • PMC announced new policy for Unrecognised Alternative to Post Graduate programmes
  • Commission said many universities are offering said programmes without inspection or recognition from the Commission
  • New terms and conditions issues for universities running the said programmes until recognition from Commission 

The Pakistan Medical Commission on Tuesday announced a policy for the 'Unrecognised Alternative to Post Graduate' programmes, also known as 'Additional to Post-Graduate Programmes (MDMS).

According to an official notification issued by the commission, several universities in Pakistan have initiated  "Clinical Alternative to Post Graduate Programmes' as well as 'Clinical Additional to Post-Graduate Programmes' without being inspected or recognised by the Pakistan Medical Commission or the erstwhile Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

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"Some of the programmes have been inspected and recognised by universities as university programmes," the notice read.

The PMC further stated that in view of the situation, the commission will inspect all such clinical programmes and teaching hospitals where such clinical training is being conducted.

It added that the inspection will be carried out once the criteria for teaching hospitals is framed by the Medical and Dental Academic Board and approved by the Council.

"Until such time as these programmes and teaching hospitals are inspected and recognised by the Pakistan Medical Commission, the universities may provisionally continue with such programmes as 'university recognised programmes' subject to [PMC's] terms," the notification stated. 

Terms and conditions 

Following are the terms and conditions put forth by the Commission, as per the notification.

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a) If a programme and its teaching hospital are recognised by the Pakistan Medical Commission post inspection, qualifications awarded to trainees of such programmes irrespective of their induction or qualification shall be recognised for the purpose of licensing. 

b) If a programme and its teaching hospital are not recognised by the Pakistan Medical Commission post inspection, persons having qualified from such programmes shall be required to undertake a minimum further training as per terms prescribed by the Commission and duly certified by the supervisor at a recognised equivalent programme and teaching hospital to have their qualification recognised.

c) Trainees at a programme which is not recognised by the Pakistan Medical Commission post inspection shall be allowed to shift to any other recognised equivalent programme subject to a further training period as per terms prescribed by the Commission, to be undertaken to obtain the requisite qualification. 

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