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Thursday Jan 07 2021

Instagram shares tips on how to maximise engagement with Reels content

A user dabbles with Instagram's Reels feature. Photo: AFP

Instagram's tips include:

  • Use Reels music library and tools
  • Stay relevant with cultural moment and topics
  • Do have a WOW or LOL factor, says Instagram

Instagram has shared some helpful tips for its users on how to make the most of its Reels option, and use it to maximise engagement on the application. 

Reels, a feature of Instagram, has long been accused of being a copy of TikTok owing to its similar features to the China-owned app. Basically, Reels enables users to record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and creative tools. 

Here are some of the tips shared by Instagram's Creators account on how to maximise engagement and create quality content:

There was also list shared by Instagram on what not to do when it comes to making Reels. 

If one has to summarise what Instagram is telling us to do and not when it comes to Reels, then it is very clear that the photo and video-sharing app wants users to use authentic music from its library. 

The app is also encouraging users to stay relevant and current and avoid content that goes against its community guidelines.