Friday, January 08, 2021
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Who are the US Capitol Hill rioters?

Here is what we know about the rioters who breached American symbol of democracy

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  • At least five killed in the violence at Capitol Hill
  • Trump's 'Proud Boys', QAnon part of protests

Thousands of rioters breached the United States Capitol Hill on Wednesday in what could be termed as the gravest attack on the American symbol of democracy. 

The development shocked not just the Americans but the world as the violence claimed five lives while police arrested around 70 protestors. 

The rioters descended on Washington DC in a last standing bid to keep incumbent president, Donald Trump, in office. The breach came as a joint session of the US Congress met to certify Biden's victory. 

The crowd of Trump's supporters appeared to have included people from across the US but a few have surfaced as faces of the attack on the Capitol Hill.

Here is what we know about them:

Jake Angeli

The shirtless man wearing horns, is among the most striking figures. "Angeli has been a fixture at the Arizona Capitol building since 2019, where he has been seen espousing various conspiracy theories that appear to fit in the wide-ranging belief set of QAnon," wrote Al Jazeera.

Richard Barnett

The man pictured inside Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office travelled to Washington DC from Arkansas to hear Trump speak. 

The Proud Boys

The far-right group Proud Boys was founded in 2016. It is an anti-immigrant and all male organisation. 

According to BBC, in the first US presidential debate President Trump in response to a question about white supremacists and militias said: "Proud Boys - stand back and stand by".

Failed Republican state candidate and Proud Boys member Nick Ochs was one of the terrorists storming the Capitol Building.