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Wednesday Jan 13 2021
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Inside Gigi Hadid’s surprise birthday party for Zayn Malik

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Fashionista Gigi Hadid went all out on her boyfriend Zayn Malik’s birthday with a party chockfull of surprises. 

And while she gave a glimpse of the celebration on her Instagram, HollywoodLife spilled some exclusive details about the arcade games-themed birthday party that she threw for the former One Direction member.

The insider close to the model told the portal that she had been planning this for months, alongside her mother Yolanda Hadid.

“Gigi and Yolanda had been planning Zayn’s birthday for months because they really want to make his day special. But Yolanda and Zayn’s personal assistant, Taryn, were the ones doing all the heavy lifting so to speak and running around town when Gigi was pregnant,” the source said.

“Then Yolanda wanted to let Gigi just relax with Zayn and their baby while she and Taryn got everything prepared,” they went on to say.

“They went to an arcade rental shop where they made arrangements to have all the big old school classic arcade machines delivered to Gigi and Zayn’s New York City apartment. Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game,” the insider said.

“Zayn has always loved video games and arcades, and it’s one of his and Gigi’s favorite places to spend a date night.”

“They decided to go with this theme because it’s nostalgic and it will keep them entertained since they can’t have a lot of people over due to the pandemic.”

“They’re still being very safe about everything, but also want to let loose a bit and just enjoy his birthday,” the grapevine added.

Another source told the outlet: “Zayn is a huge video game and fantasy fan. He loves Harry Potter and just loves things that take him away from the life he knows.”

“He always plays video games to keep in touch with friends as it is a really cool and fun thing for him to pass the time. So to have an old school video game birthday is such a great idea. He gets to let loose and be a kid again. It is something that makes him really happy,” they added.