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Wednesday Jan 27 2021

Pak vs SA: Keshav Maharaj thinks Proteas are 'still in the game' as second day of Test match concludes

South African cricketer Keshav Maharaj hopes to turn the game around in coming matches. SCREENGRAB
  • Pakistan is in lead with 88 runs against South Africa at the end of day two Test.
  • Proteas spinner said that South Africa controlled the run rate throughout the game which has given his side an edge
  • The South African cricketer praised Fawad Alam’s spectacular inning.

KARACHI: South African cricketer Keshav Maharaj opined that his side can still turn the game around in the Karachi Test despite Pakistan taking an 88-run lead against South Africa at the end of day two on Wednesday.

Speaking to media via an online conference, the 30-year-old player said that the South African team will "try to get the remaining two wickets of Pakistan quickly on the third morning in order to put a good score on the board" before asking the host to bat again in the 4th innings.

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Responding to a question about who leads the second day of the test match, Maharaj said: “I think Pakistan is obviously in the lead so I'll probably give a little bit more to them".

However, the Proteas spinner added that he doesn’t think South Africa falls behind in terms of who wins the day because his side "controlled the run rate throughout."

“We didn’t let the scoring rate get out of hand and that’s still under three runs an over. So, you know hopefully tomorrow we can get the two wickets up and put a substantial score on the board and turn the test match around to be able to put ourselves in a position to win this test match,” Maharaj hoped.

Replying to a question, Maharaj said that he feels that his side "did well on day two despite dropping catches and not getting much support from the wicket."

He went on to add that the wicket now "looks good and the batsman can still score good runs" there giving an example of Fawad Alam, who scored a century in today's match.

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“I think it's actually still a good wicket, Fawad just showed if you put even a bit of application, you can bat along and score runs. I think it's still a decent wicket. I'm not quite sure if it's going to deteriorate as it still has some footmarks from bowlers but that's just worn and tear but for now, it seems like a good wicket,” he added.

The South African cricketer praised Fawad Alam’s inning saying that they’ll have to come with new plans against the Pakistani batsman who scored 109 to bring Pakistan back in the game.

Commenting about Alam's flair in batting and his game overall, Maharaj said: “There were a few opportunities but it just fell into no man's land. And, I think that was our plan, especially after seeing him play. There were a few catches put down and half chances here and there".

"So fair play to him but we have to come up with some other plans in the next innings and obviously in for the second test match,” the South African bowler concluded.