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Tuesday Feb 16 2021
Web Desk

Kids' home activities, TV shows in Urdu, and pets: What Pakistan searched for during pandemic

Web Desk
Google's 'Year in Search' report for Pakistan in 2020. Google Trends/via

  • Google says some of the topics that saw most traction included TV shows "dubbed in Urdu", how to "adopt a pet", and "mental health support" resources
  • Pakistanis were also curious about how to ramp up "charity work" and how they could introduce more "reusable" products in their lives
  • There was a 109% growth in the searches for "disease prevention" amid the coronavirus pandemic

KARACHI: The coronavirus pandemic over the course of a year has changed multiple aspects of everyone's lives, including what the Pakistani people have been searching for on Google.

With coronavirus infections at more than half a million in Pakistan, Google has released its 'Year in Search' report for 2020, indicating what the most popular topics and queries were among the South Asian country's citizens.

According to Google, some of the topics that saw most traction on the Alphabet Inc.-owned search giant included "kids' home activities," TV shows "dubbed in Urdu", how to "adopt a pet", and resources for "mental health support".

In addition, people were curious about how to ramp up "charity work" and how they could introduce more "reusable" products in their lives — the latter a likely impact of a global conversation surrounding the climate emergency.

Not only that, but Pakistanis were also interested in previously-ignored topics like "gender equality."

The "deep-dive" report shows the collective trending online searches, shedding light on what captured the Pakistani people’s curiosity as well as opportunities for brands.

'Desire for us to connect'

In this regard, Google's industry head for the South Asia and Asia Pacific regions, Faraz Azhar, noted that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted people's lives "in fundamental ways" and "changed how we live our lives significantly".

"It also created the desire for us to connect to our wider community and give back - as witnessed by the 41% increase in searches for ‘sadaqah’," Azhar added.

According to the report, there was a 109% growth in the searches for 'disease prevention'.

Moreover, searches for "gender equality" saw a 40% increase, while those for "mental health support", "reusable", and "charity work" shot up 100%, 128%, and 122%, respectively, per the report.


It looks like with more time at home and the consequent boredom, people wished to do more work, as it has been evident by a 71% increase in "how to be productive" searches. Others were more interested in playing online games but that comes with body aches, so searches for "gaming chair" grew 90%.

Furthermore, some considered getting a furry companion for themselves to pass the time and invest more energy into a living being, leading to a whopping 700% rise in searches for how to "adopt a pet". Others, on the other hand, wondered if they could earn some more money, causing a 223% growth in searches for "stock investing".

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Similarly, parents had very children-related worries as classes shifted online and adults started working from home. This translated into a 250% increase in searches for "kids home activities", 328% surge in those for "dubbed in urdu", and a 140% growth for "easy dessert".

Google's country head for Customer Solutions Sales in South Asia, Aamir Altaf, opined that "in a year of historic challenges, happiness and joy have been very welcome".

"Consumers are embracing the brands that spark joy and create a safe space for them to take a break," Altaf said.

"Take gaming, for example. We saw an increase of 35% searches for 'online games' vs. 15% decline during the same period last year.”

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