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Wednesday Feb 24 2021
Web Desk

TikTok's new privacy protections for teens: Only user's approved followers can view videos

Web Desk

TikTok is implementing new settings and controls in order to better protect its teen users, according to press release.

The video-sharing social networking service has announced new privacy protections for its users who are under 18.

As per announcement, the accounts registered to users of this group of age will have their privacy setting defaulted to private. It means only the user's approved followers can view their videos.

The settings can also be manually changed to public so that their videos are viewable to all, according to the statement.

"By engaging them early in their privacy journey, we can enable them to make more deliberate decisions about their online privacy," the release reads.

Similarly, the "Suggest your account to others" setting will be switched to off by default for them, according to the release.

Other changes include limiting the comments section for users ages 13-15 to friends-only or no one at all, and only allowing video downloads for users ages 16-17. They will also have their default setting on Friends only.

The app is also building on previous updates to promote youth safety, including restricting direct messaging and hosting live streams to users 16 and over.

TikTok will restrict any buying, sending or receiving of virtual gifts to users 18 and over, and enable a Family Pairing feature, which allows parents/guardians to set guardrails on their teen's videos.