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Tuesday Apr 13 2021
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Piers Morgan reacts to Bette Midler's swipe amid criticism to Meghan Markle

Web Desk

Piers Morgan, who misses no opportunity to flay Meghan Markle, has softly responded to actress Bette Midlera's cutting jibe and said it was a 'good zinger'.

The former 'Good Morning Britain' host has taken aim at the Duchess of Sussex after her interview with the US TV host Oprah, dismissing the claims of Prince Harry's wife about the Royal Family.

Hollywood actress Bette Midler, who clashed with Piers on social media last year after he had ranted about the Duchess, has come again to defend Meghan.

Taking to Twitter, she told her two million followers: "#PiersMorgan has been dishing it out for years & he walked out & quit after a minute of criticism by a colleague?"

Piers - who has been involved in war of words since quitting GMB following his stance against Meghan Markle - has now responded to Bette's jibe and for once he has had to admit that there is no comeback he can give.

The media personality, in his Mail on Sunday column, wrote: "There's a difference between foul-mouthed abuse or threats, and a robustly held derogatory opinion – and sometimes you just have to applaud a good zinger, even one at your own expense."

Piers Morgan has received praise from members of the Royal Family as he previously claimed the Duchess of York, who was married to the Queen’s son Prince Andrew - was among those who contacted him.